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Sentimental Sterling Silver Ring with Green Emerald Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned Ocean Isle Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Nancy saying she had lost a very special ring with a green emerald stone in the ocean. She said the emerald had belonged to her grandmother and had been passed down to her. She also stated that she had lost it about 30 minutes prior and she was right at the water line. I knew this was a race against the incoming tide; I got a few more details and told her I’d be there in about 45 minutes.

When I got there, I met Nancy on the beach and she showed me the area. It was maybe 10 feet across and as far out as I could take it. Unfortunately the sea breeze had kicked up and the ocean was hitting the 2nd breaker with a lot of force. I started a grid search going north and south perpendicular to the beach. After, maybe 5 lines, I called it. Between the waves and the current I was having a rough time keeping my grid lines straight and just getting knocked around. I told Nancy I’d be back around 5, thinking once the tide made its turn at 2 pm I’d have 3 hours with an outgoing tide.

I got back about the time I said and Nancy was waiting. I started my grid search and after an hour and a half and covering the suspected area, I was coming up empty. So, the next step was to extend the area north and south and start over. After another forty-five minutes to an hour, I was working my way back up the middle of the search area towards the high tide line. I got a solid 21-22 on the VDI, which is what I was looking for on a Sterling Silver item. I dug the target out of the hole, spread the sand with my foot and there Nancy’s ring sat. After I found it, I tried to figure out how I missed it the first time. Looking at my grid lines, none of them were straight and all curved to the right. There is no other explanation, other than I missed it the first go through. I took a picture and sent it and a text to Nancy saying “BOOM.” She called me a short time later, not believing it was found. I dropped it off at her house on my way home. She was extremely happy and thankful that she got both her ring and her grandmother’s emerald back.

Nancy – thank you for allowing me to help find your precious and sentimental treasure.