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2 rings lost both found in Castaic

I got a call from Erica this morning telling me she had lost her wedding ring that had been on her finger for 43 years while gardening in her yard. It had been gone a month and her husband had told her it was gone forever and he bet her she wouldn’t be able to find it. Thankfully for Erica she found me and after a bit of search using both the Equinox and my pinpointer I was able to locate it in the soil in the ivy. Since we were on a roll she asked if I could look for another ring that had been lost for at least two years somewhere in the back yard. After uncovering a dead rat in the bushes(one of the troubles of the trade!) I was able to uncover a target about 2 inches in the ground in a planter box and out popped the ring. It was a two-for kind of day! Even though there was quite a bit of time between when she lost her rings she was aware enough to call in a professional to help her out. If it falls off your finger, neck or ear and you want to get it back call or text me at 805-290-5009 and I’ll get to work on getting it back to you.