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Engagement Ring Lost , Found, Returned, With A Metal Detector, In Ocean Park, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Wednesday July 5, 2023, I received a call from Lisa. Lisa explained that her friend had lost her engagement ring at the beach, in Ocean Park, Maine, within the last hour. Lisa went on to explain the her friend was still at the beach, searching for the ring with toy sifters and just running her fingers through the sand. I told Lisa that I would be right there, as I only live about 4 miles from where they were.
I arrived and Lisa met me out on the street and took me to where her friend, Sharon was , and where the ring was lost. Sharon explained that when they arrived at the beach, she sat in the beach chair to apply her sunblock lotion. She removed her ring and placed it in her lap, to apply the lotion. After applying the lotion, Sharon got up, forgetting the ring was in her lap. She immediately realized that the ring was now in the sand and started sifting the sand with her hands, fingers and kids Beach toys. They had no luck with this method and realized they needed a metal detector. Lisa found me by asking a local town association if the had a metal detector. They did not but they did have my business card and Lisa called me immediately.
I had them move their metal Beach chairs and searched the area where Lisa had been sitting. No signals around where the chair was and I started moving away from the chair. About 5-6 feet away from the chair, I received a nice low tone signal and a VDI readout of 12-06 on my CTX-3030. Yup, the engagement ring had been found in literally 2 minutes of searching and Sharon was very very happy to have it back on her finger.  Total time from receiving Lisa’s call to recovering the ring was 25-30 minutes.
This will be a birthday that I will never forget.

Lost Two platinum & diamond rings in Naples Beach Sand Found by Metal Detector Mark Greul

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

[4/14/2019 – Naples, Florida] Tammy, suddenly realized that the two rings she’d placed in the cup holder of her chair were gone, lost in the sand – someone had folded up her chair and neatly leaned it against the other items and beach towels as the family was getting ready to head home after a long day at the beach.  Hotel security and beach staff were called and the search was on.  Well, “what was once lost has been found!”  The happy smiles, hugs, and sighs of relief – simply priceless!!!

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