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Rings Lost from Beach Bag .. Marina Del Rey, CA. .. Found with the help of a Metal Detector Expert

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*** A nice lady named Summer called asking for help to find two rings that may have fallen out of her beach bag. Summer was at her local volleyball court in Marina Del Rey, CA. the day before calling me. She wasn’t sure but thought her two favorite rings may be in the sand. They also could be anywhere between the beach and her home a mile from where she had taken the rings off, placing them in her beach bag.

Lately I have had several calls for other lost pieces of jewelry that had inadvertently pulled out of bags or purses. I told her it’s very possible the rings could still be there. At least I can scan the area and tell her the rings are not there. 

We met at Marina Del Rey beach volleyball recreation area an hour later. She was able to put me on the exact spot where the bag had been the day before. Turned on the metal detector making a few adjustments then taking a couple practice swings. A short time later I had both rings in the scoop. The made it through the night, hiding in the sand. Needless to say Summer was extremely happy and relieved that her favorite rings were not lost forever.. 

I like it when rings are lost in sand, soft dirt or grass. That way the lost items can hide from someone accidentally finding them and not knowing how or where to find the owners. All in all it was another great day of recovering sentimental rings for such a nice lady..


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