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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Joel took his kids for an afternoon outing at Emerald Lake Trailer Resort & Water Park in Puslinch, Ontario.

He went down the water slide and felt his wedding band slip off his finger into the water below.

We are grateful to obtain permission from the owners to look for his wedding band near the end of the day not to disturb the patrons! Emerald Lake is a private trailer resort as well as a water park open to the public! Check out their website at

I proceeded into the water with my floating battery operated air system called the DIVE BLU3 NOMAD. The nomad has a 30 foot hose and pumps air on demand down through the hose to my regulator! With a weight belt at slightly negative buoyancy, I am able navigate with ease to operate my underwater metal detector to find Joel’s wedding band!

Unfortunately, the visibility was extremely poor due to the silty bottom! There were numerous targets such as trash, small pieces of jewelry, pop cans, and pull tabs.
My metal detector and pin pointer helped me zone in on a solid loud target after approximately 40 minutes in the water!

HURRAY!! This target was Joel’s beautiful gold wedding band! Joel and his Wife were absolutely thrilled to have his wedding band back on his finger!

Happy to help recover Joel’s precious wedding band and grateful for permission from the owners at Emerald Lake Trailer & Water Park!

Check out the video on this return;

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18k Diamond white gold stud earring lost on walk to Neighbours home! Milton, ON 🇨🇦

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

A follow Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation 🌸Pink Sista🌸 Jen W of Milton (Campbellville), recommended me to great Friends and neighbours Jennifer and John S!

Jennifer and John had walked down to their neighbours home for a short visit. On the way home Jennifer had felt her diamond earring was loose so she stopped and tightened up the earring back….so she thought.

They walked into their home up into the kitchen and living room to put their feet up to relax. Few minutes later Jennifer felt her ear and found her earring was no longer there. They searched everywhere and back tracked to their neighbours!

Jen W sent me a message to see if it was something I could help with! “Of course I can” on my reply! I proceeded to send a link to my Ring Finders directory information/blog page.

I was on a Ring Finder call out already in Etobicoke and advised when I finished I would be right out!

It was getting dark but that’s a great time to search with the small coil and high powered LED flashlights!! Those diamonds shine bright!

So, tracing Jennifer’s steps… I checked the one small garden, then went up the grassy side of the driveway, and then the roadway side to where her neighbour lives to the location she tightened the earring back! Gridding very slowly with my Equinox800 and small coil while Jen, Jennifer and John had the flashlights out.

With no luck outside, I then proceeded to follow Jennifer’s footsteps inside the home through the garage, staircase, kitchen and living room. NO LUCK either.

We chatted a little more and I suggested that it could be in tires of a passing car or even the garbage truck that had been by that day. I advised that I was more than happy to come back!

I got packed up and left the residence. I decided to put my highbeam lights as there were very little street lights lighting up the roadway. About 60-80 feet past where Jennifer was visiting her neighbour and had fixed the earring back, I spotted something twinkling in the middle of the roadway as I passed over it! I stopped and thought to myself, oh my goodness could that be the earring? I then put my car in reverse, grabbed my iPhone and started videoing. I saw the twinkling and then knew and saw it was the earring!!!

Check out the video;



So excited, I turned around and proceeded back down their driveway in which John came out of the garage. I said “OK, guess what I found laying on the roadway and we are going to go surprise Jennifer! Just tell her I forgot to do the wrap-up video!!”

I WAS EPIC!!! This was my first earring recovery which means a lot to me as earrings and small chains are the hardest things to find!!!

As John and Jennifer knew, I have a “Pay-It-Forward” program that when I find the clients lost item, instead of me receiving a reward I asked the client to pay it forward with an immediate online donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation which helps patients men and women fighting breast cancer with their financial needs such as wigs, medicine, X-rays, daycare, food or rent! The client then receives a tax receipt for the amount!

I was truly overwhelmed by John and Jennifer’s extremely generous donation and truly honoured to complete this most excellent recovery!! I am smiling from ear to ear still on this happy ending!! 🌸💖🌸