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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Joel took his kids for an afternoon outing at Emerald Lake Trailer Resort & Water Park in Puslinch, Ontario.

He went down the water slide and felt his wedding band slip off his finger into the water below.

We are grateful to obtain permission from the owners to look for his wedding band near the end of the day not to disturb the patrons! Emerald Lake is a private trailer resort as well as a water park open to the public! Check out their website at

I proceeded into the water with my floating battery operated air system called the DIVE BLU3 NOMAD. The nomad has a 30 foot hose and pumps air on demand down through the hose to my regulator! With a weight belt at slightly negative buoyancy, I am able navigate with ease to operate my underwater metal detector to find Joel’s wedding band!

Unfortunately, the visibility was extremely poor due to the silty bottom! There were numerous targets such as trash, small pieces of jewelry, pop cans, and pull tabs.
My metal detector and pin pointer helped me zone in on a solid loud target after approximately 40 minutes in the water!

HURRAY!! This target was Joel’s beautiful gold wedding band! Joel and his Wife were absolutely thrilled to have his wedding band back on his finger!

Happy to help recover Joel’s precious wedding band and grateful for permission from the owners at Emerald Lake Trailer & Water Park!

Check out the video on this return;

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