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Platinum in Pacifica

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

It was on Day 10 of me having Covid that I received a call to help this couple find the husband’s wedding ring. Despite having cabin fever, I tried passing the call off to my buddy Brendon, but he was at a friend’s BBQ so I took a home Covid test, saw that I was FINALLY testing negative, and decided to take a shot at finding this ring.
The owner had been out on the beach with his dog and the ring slipped off as he tried to distract the dog from the washed-up dead bird just a few feet away.

I found the ring pretty quickly, which is good because I was still fighting the Covid-related exhaustion. It felt great to be out of the house, in the fresh air, and to be able to return the ring to it’s owner. His wife was definitely happy. He was one of those guys that doesn’t show a lot of emotion, though he was surprised at where I found it and how deep.

Plat ring

Another Busy Sunday Afternoon!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

For reasons that are probably easy to figure out, the weekends can be very busy for Ring Finders like us. This past Sunday was no exception for me. I received two calls within 5 minutes of each other. I had someone working on my house and it was almost dinner time so I sent the first caller to my buddy Brendon. When the second call came in, knowing Brendon would already be on the first call, I asked the woman if I could call her back. I checked with my contractor, and my wife, and decided I could probably make it out to find the second caller’s ring.

Forty minutes later I found myself at Baker Beach once again!
I swear, the sand there just SUCKS rings in like quicksand.

I met these clients on the beach after parking my car. I reviewed with them what they were doing when they lost it and where they thought it might have gone. Within a few short minutes, I had found the ring!

If only all of our ring finds were this easy and quick!


Baker Beach 8/28/22

Ring from Husband!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

This woman called me crying. She had lost a ring that her husband, who had been incarcerated, had given her. He received the ring from his uncle so it was a family heirloom of sorts. She and her two sons were out at Baker Beach (yep, Baker Beach again!) and the ring, which is too large for her fingers, flew off into the sand. They had all tried to find it. The beach was cold and very windy. They weren’t dressed for the weather having driven down from out of the city. One of her sons had gone to the car because he was freezing by the time I arrived. The sun was setting so we had to get to work quickly. I can hunt in the dark but the police kick you out of there at sundown. I traversed this section of beach three or four times and she started to lose faith. I told her I wouldn’t give up and she shouldn’t either and then I finally hit on the signal. Tears of sadness turned to tears of joy!

Ring Found!

It’s not just RINGS that we can find!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

We can find anything metal and when I got a call from a woman who was visiting old friends from out of town and lost her COMPANY cell phone on the beach the night before, I knew I had to get out there to help her.
She thought she knew where she lost it but she had looked there herself already. I asked her to show me the path she traveled and sure enough we found it in less than 5 minutes!

Lost Phone!

Lost at the Beach!

Found Olympic Ring!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

After a marriage proposal on the beach, an Olympian lost a ring commemorating her participation as the first female to represent Puerto Rico in Rowing on their Olympic team. Her fiance found me here on The Ringfinders and I went to find locate it. Baker Beach is Federally regulated so we aren’t allowed to detect there normally but going on a quest to find a lost ring?! I was going to get it done no matter what.

And I did!

Found Olympic Ring

V. Toro’s Olympic ring from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Video short here