Platinum in Pacifica

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

It was on Day 10 of me having Covid that I received a call to help this couple find the husband’s wedding ring. Despite having cabin fever, I tried passing the call off to my buddy Brendon, but he was at a friend’s BBQ so I took a home Covid test, saw that I was FINALLY testing negative, and decided to take a shot at finding this ring.
The owner had been out on the beach with his dog and the ring slipped off as he tried to distract the dog from the washed-up dead bird just a few feet away.

I found the ring pretty quickly, which is good because I was still fighting the Covid-related exhaustion. It felt great to be out of the house, in the fresh air, and to be able to return the ring to it’s owner. His wife was definitely happy. He was one of those guys that doesn’t show a lot of emotion, though he was surprised at where I found it and how deep.

Plat ring

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