Ring from Husband!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

This woman called me crying. She had lost a ring that her husband, who had been incarcerated, had given her. He received the ring from his uncle so it was a family heirloom of sorts. She and her two sons were out at Baker Beach (yep, Baker Beach again!) and the ring, which is too large for her fingers, flew off into the sand. They had all tried to find it. The beach was cold and very windy. They weren’t dressed for the weather having driven down from out of the city. One of her sons had gone to the car because he was freezing by the time I arrived. The sun was setting so we had to get to work quickly. I can hunt in the dark but the police kick you out of there at sundown. I traversed this section of beach three or four times and she started to lose faith. I told her I wouldn’t give up and she shouldn’t either and then I finally hit on the signal. Tears of sadness turned to tears of joy!

Ring Found!

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