Another Busy Sunday Afternoon!

  • from Pacifica (California, United States)

For reasons that are probably easy to figure out, the weekends can be very busy for Ring Finders like us. This past Sunday was no exception for me. I received two calls within 5 minutes of each other. I had someone working on my house and it was almost dinner time so I sent the first caller to my buddy Brendon. When the second call came in, knowing Brendon would already be on the first call, I asked the woman if I could call her back. I checked with my contractor, and my wife, and decided I could probably make it out to find the second caller’s ring.

Forty minutes later I found myself at Baker Beach once again!
I swear, the sand there just SUCKS rings in like quicksand.

I met these clients on the beach after parking my car. I reviewed with them what they were doing when they lost it and where they thought it might have gone. Within a few short minutes, I had found the ring!

If only all of our ring finds were this easy and quick!


Baker Beach 8/28/22

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