Ring Lost in Grass on USC Campus...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a call from Kevin about a lost ring. He had been on a company picnic outing the day before on a field at the USC campus. He took his ring off and put it in his pocket to make sure it did not get lost while participating in the activities of the day. After the activities were over, Kevin reached into his pocket to get his ring only to realize it was gone. He looked over the expanse of grass he had been on, and began a search for the ring with no success. I let him know that I could perform the search, and we agreed to meet the next day.

When I got there, Kevin met me, and showed me the area, it was quite large, and the thatch was thick, a good hiding place for a lost ring. I began on to outside perimeter of the search area, and started working my way back with a tight grid. The problem I encountered was the extreme amount of metal that was in the grass and soil. Much of the metal was aluminum, and tin foil, which caused me to stop and search with the pin pointer often. After about an hour of a very slow and arduous process, I got another good signal, and was about to put the pin pointer in the grass, when I caught a slight glimmer of gold peeking through the blades of grass. I reached in and retrieved Kevin’s ring. I walked it over to him, and needless to say he was very happy. His fiancé had given it to him, so it had special significance. I was very happy to have given him back something he thought was gone for good.


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