Diamond Wedding Band Lost in the Sand at Hermosa Beach, CA...Found and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a call earlier today from Devon who was calling for his friend Kari. Kari had been sitting in a beach chair, and decided to apply some sunscreen. She did not want to mess her wedding band with the cream, so she removed it and put it on the chair. She then moved forgetting it was on the chair, and in that process it was gone in the soft sand. She searched where she thought it might have fallen, but was unable to find it, even with the help of friends. Kari’s husband had gotten the ring as a special gift for her, so it had a special sentimentality. I let Devon know that I was on my way and would contact him when I arrived.

When I got to the beach, we were able to find each other after a little communication, When they showed me the area, I knew that if everything played out as they explained to me, the ring was going to be found. They had many things in their favor, but the two most important were that they called right away, and that they had not left the area. I set up after they had moved the beach chairs, adjusted the detector’s sensitivity, and proceeded to search. One swing, nice tone, one scoop, and in the scoop was Kari’s ring. I pulled it out and held it up, when at that point the whole group of people surrounding me burst into cheers, and when I handed it back to Kari, she became very emotional. It took all of about 10 seconds to have the ring back in Kari’s hand. I love to see joy restored!

Kari sent the following testimonial:

Hi Steve,

Thank you again so much for finding my ring yesterday. I just posted a review on your yelp page.

Here is a testimonial for your website:

It was a typical beach day. I removed my diamond eternity band to apply sunscreen as I always do but somehow got distracted and forgot to put it back on. Suddenly about an hour and a half later I realized my ring wasn’t on my hand. I had set it next to me on my beach chair and now it was gone. Likely buried in the sand somewhere. I was distraught. I had a fast thinking friend who called a metal detector shop and they referred us to Steve. We had tried to contain the area where we thought it might be as best we could. Steve showed up and saved the day! After going over some details with me, he put his equipment to work and sure enough, the first swipe yielded my ring! I will be forever grateful to Steve for finding this very sentimental gift given to me by my husband.

Thank you again Steve!


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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Steve…and that has to be close to your record for a quick search, hey? Gotta love those soft sand search and recoveries! Keep it up!

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