Diamond Wedding Set, Soldered, Lost in the Sand at Santa Monica Beach, CA...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Jose called last night about 7:00 PM asking if I was the guy who finds rings, and I told him I was definitely one of the guys who help people find their lost rings. He told me his wife had lost her wedding and engagement rings (they were soldered together) at the beach earlier that day. After we talked for while and I asked a lot of questions, I let him know I was on my way, and would let him know when I arrived.

When I got to the beach it was already dark, and they were waiting in the parking lot. I met his wife Esmeralda and we talked about the loss as we walked out to the area they believed the loss to have occurred. I found out that she had these rings for 17 years. Esmeralda remembered taking her rings off to put on sunscreen and putting the rings in her shorts pocket. Later as they were getting ready to leave, she shook her pants out, and ring was gone into the soft sand. They told me they had searched the sand for over 3 hours before they called me, so by the time I arrived it had been at least 4 to 5 hours since they knew the ring was lost. When we got back to the area the darkness made it difficult to identify the exact spot they were, and they gave me an estimated area to search, so I began. I kept working my way out pulling up bottle cap after bottle cap. Finally After they thought I was going out of the area they thought the rings might have been lost, I showed them the bottle caps. I had at least 60 by that time, and I knew that for every dig I make their anticipation rate goes up, and then down until people begin to get discouraged. When we discussed the possibilities, Jose and Esmeralda were basically ready to throw in the towel, but I said “look, none of us has to go to work tomorrow, so I will continue”. Even at that they went back over by the parking lot as I continued my search. I searched down the slope, and then began my search in the opposite direction from my beginning search, when after about 5 passes and over 100 bottle caps later, one broken bottle, and a total search time of about 2 hours, one more good signal, and I had a beautiful set of diamond rings in my scoop. I threw away all the trash, and headed back to the parking lot with the rings on my little finger. As I got closer Jose and Esmeralda saw me coming and rose to meet me. I was looking down at the sand when I explained how I searched each area without any luck, but when I touched on the last area, I said, “AND THEN I FOUND THIS” as I opened my hand to show the rings. Esmeralda immediately went to tears and gave me a big hug, while Jose paced back and forth in total disbelief. I know that after all that time of their searching, and then watching me pull up bottle cap after bottle cap, they thought it would not be possible to find the rings, but WE ARE THE RING FINDERS, and if it is there we can find it. What an awesome couple, what an awesome night!

Esmeralda sent the following testimonial:

Steve is an absolute God send! He is professional, kind, courteous and relentless! My husband and I were at Santa Monica Beach where I took off my wedding bands and placed them in my shorts pocket. About three or so hours later I realized that I did not have my rings on and that I had left them in my pocket. When I went to go look in the pocket, which I had hung on our beach chair, I found out with great disbelief, and immediate alarm that my rings were missing. I immediately started to cry and panic, while my husband and I dug through the sand all around us. Hours later we decided to ask the lifeguard if anyone turned any rings in to him but to our dismay, he said no. He did say however, that he had some cards for people who found lost jewelry. I called the person on the first card that was handed to me but the phone just rang and rang. I called again and still got no answer. My husband called the person, Steve Smith, using the information on the second card and he received a quick and friendly answer. We were concerned that it was close to 8:00 pm, which is when the beach parking lot closed, but Steve stayed calm and told my husband that he would find other parking and for us not to worry about that. That in itself let me know how great a person Steve was without even meeting him. We were assured that he would come out as soon as possible -and he did. My husband and I told ourselves that we had a lot of faith and hope that the person that God sent to us would find our rings, but we’re also realistic. The fact of the matter was that it was past 8 PM at night and dark, plus we were sitting on a huge beach- sure we gave Steve an approximation as to where we were sitting, but with so many beach visitors moving around in the sand all day long, what were the chances of the rings been recovered? Our hearts aches knowing that there was a chance that we would never recover the wedding bands that my husband placed on my finger at our wedding a little over 17 years ago. We went through so many emotions that night, including a lot of praying as well as a lot of crying. When we wanted to give up, Steve was the first to say that he had all night and that we would get them back. This gave me and my husband great hope once again. About 2 1/2 hours after calling Steve out, he came walking back towards us and let us know about the specific effort he made to find our rings. Steve let us know that he found a lot of bottle caps and other items that were not our rings. As he talked about the process, I felt a sense of dread and great loss but at the same time I felt thankful that Steve spent so much time and energy really trying to help us. Just then, Steve pulled out my wedding rings from his fanny pack. He kept talking but I couldn’t hear anything else out of his mouth, I just saw my cherished rings and immediately started sobbing and with much gratitude, I gave Steve the biggest hug. He was truly our Angel that night. My husband and I are very thankful beyond words for all the effort that Steve put in to find something that is invaluable to us. If you or a loved one has lost a ring or another item that a metal detector can locate, Steve is your man!


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