White Gold and Diamond Ring Lost at Venice Beach, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Last Friday morning I woke and checked my email, and found that Yessi had emailed me at 1:40 AM in desperation regarding a ring her sister had lost at the beach the night before. After I emailed her back, Celene her sister called, and I told her I would perform the search the same day even though we were having our second heaviest rainstorm of the year (good to have waterproof machines). It was about 10:00 PM the previous night when Celene removed her ring to fix her hair. She did this because the ring was very thin, her hair would catch on it, and become a nuisance. They were on one of the lifeguard towers when during the fixing of her hair she dropped the ring. She heard it hit the floor of the tower, but when they looked for it, it had disappeared. They then thought it might have slipped between the boards of the floor into the sand below. They looked there under and around the tower for the ring, but it was gone. Yessi would not let this go because she knew this was special to her sister. The ring had been given to her by her parents 14 years prior when she was a young teenager, and she wore it every day since.

When I got to the site the rain was coming down pretty good, so I donned my rain gear, got my machine, and went to the tower to search. I knew this would be a good time because I figured there would be no one out detecting to maybe have found it, and I knew also that the County beach sifters would not have been used on the beach with the wet sand. I searched in the area where I thought she might have been standing (I had to guess because Celene was not able to be there to show me), and widened my search out to where I thought the ring could have possibly bounced to, with no luck. I then began to search behind the tower and found a bottle cap. I removed the bottle cap, scanned again, got a nice foil sound in the headphones, and scooped up a very thin diamond ring. I called back to let Celene know that I found it, and we arranged to meet at a park on Sunday afternoon because of her work schedule. When she got to the park her sister was with her, which was great. It was even more unique to find that they were twins, a special bond for sure. What a great weekend that became. More smiles made!


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