Religious Medal and 24K Gold Chain Lost at Venice Beach, CA...Found and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Yesterday in the late afternoon, while sitting at home, I received a call from Jason. He had been playing beach volleyball, when sometime during the game, he noticed his gold chain was missing from around his neck. On that chain was a St. Christopher medal that his girlfriend had given him, so the sentimental value was enormous. He told me that he and his friends had searched for at least 45 minutes with no success. I told him I would be on my way.

When I got to the beach and walked to the area of the loss, I noticed a lone young man waiting by the volleyball court. I walked over, and he began to tell me what had happened as I asked my questions. I looked at the court and saw the grid lines where he and his friends had drug their feet and hands in the sand. During this time his friends came over, and there seemed to be a party atmosphere; the hopes were increased for a recovery. I began a slow grid of the court, and on my first pass I received a strong signal, dug, and out came the gold chain. Everybody got real excited. I continued my grid working my way out from where the chain was found. Jason asked that I concentrate on the area of the found chain, and I told him I would as soon as I finished my current grid. I made one more pass about 20 feet from where the chain was found when I received another stronger signal, one scoop, and the medal was in the scoop. Everybody was surprised that it was so far from the chain, but I have learned that things don’t always happened as we perceive. Needless to say, the guys were extremely happy, especially Jason. What a great evening!


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