Lost and Found ring in Sand Banks Provincial Park

I received a call from Dillan about him loosing his college graduation ring in Sand banks Provincial park. The evening prior, him and his girlfriend were playing frisbee at this beach, when the ring flew off her finger. He’d given it to her as a promise ring.  After a short pontoon ride and a couple hours of water metal detecting in waist water deep, I was able to reunite him with his beloved ring that his mom had given him for his graduation ceremony. Great seeing his reaction and another happy ending.

2 Replies to “Lost and Found ring in Sand Banks Provincial Park”

  1. Dillon says:

    This man is a life saver! I gave him what I thought was an impossible task and he pulled through. I cant stress enough how thankful I am someone like him exists but at the same time I hope I dont need his help again.

  2. Hey Dillon,
    Thanks for the kind words. IT was not an easy recovery but I am very glad I was able to find the ring for you.


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