Lost Wedding Band Found Under Porch, Falls Church Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

April 16th, 2020. During the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Andrew emailed me asking for help to find a ring, not for himself, but for his friend Hazel. In January, Hazel was sitting on the front porch when her ring slipped from her hand and hit the wood deck. They were not sure if the ring rolled off into some bushes or slipped in between the boards. Andrew knew in his heart that the ring was there and it could be found. He had looked through the openings of the deck and around the bushes with a powerful light, but no luck.

When I arrived, I met Andrew and Mike.

Front of the House

Hoping the ring rolled or bounced off the low deck, I searched the bushes thoroughly with my AT Max. I found the usual hidden trash, but no ring. I then concentrated my search under the deck.





There were only a few inches of space to work. I detached my shaft and reached under the deck with my sniper coil. I borrowed a leaf rake from Mike as the one I brought was too large to fit under the deck. I heard targets and raked them out, then used my pinpointer to scan the debris.

Tight Access Under the Porch

It was then I had the pleasure of meeting Hazel. She remembered precisely how the ring sounded when it rolled on the wooden deck. From her description, I redoubled my efforts to search farther under the deck.







I stretched my arm and extended the coil to the limit when I heard a promising target. Mentally marking the spot, I used the leaf rake and pulled out more debris. I waved the pinpointer over the dirt and leaves and dug down to find the ring!


Andrew’s determination to help his friend resulted in a happy ending!




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  1. Andrew Hays says:

    I called Rob to help find an acquaintance’s lost wedding ring. This man is phenomenal! You could tell that he really cared about finding the ring! After awhile, I began to lose hope, but he kept at it! One and a half hours later, he found it! This is a VERY NICE man and he empathizes with your loss and rejoices with you when your lost item is found! It doesn’t get better than this!

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