Lost Wedding Band...Found At Boone, Iowa


A guy named Guy sent me an email last month about his lost wedding band. He was participating in a mud run on ski hills and lost his ring. Lucky for him he had a GoPro camera on that day because he was able to determine on what hill the ring slipped off.

At the top of a hill called Abby’s Alley (coincidently his wife’s name is Abby) he had his ring on, when he got to the bottom and got a glass of water he noticed it was gone. Today he had his children along and we all went about halfway up the hill. He said he thought when he lost it he was sliding down the hill in mud and using his hands to slow himself down.

So I started my search in the middle of the path, my first hit was a penny type signal, my second hit was his ring! I looked down and could see an edge of it in the dirt. Man I like those quick hunts. He couldn’t believe I found it so fast and was very happy to have his ring back.

Best of luck to all the ringfinders,

Norm Slaymaker

Guy and kids Guys Ring II Guys Ring

2 Replies to “Lost Wedding Band…Found At Boone, Iowa”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great spot you started at Norman! Congrats on a fast recovery! Thumbs Up!

  2. Guy Leman says:

    Hi, Norm was a great help in this endeavor. I found him to be prompt, good communicator, and a true professional. I was so happy he found my ring I let out a whoop up on the ski hill. Thanks so much Norm. You are now forever part of our story.
    Guy Leman

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