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Lost Engagement Ring in Iowa – Found

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

I received a text over the weekend saying they needed my services to find a silver engagement ring in the back yard. I was not available at that time so I met up with Blake late Monday afternoon. He said him and his fiancé were chipping sticks when a stick caught the ring and pulled it off. The grass was pretty long in the back yard because he did not want to mow until he found the ring. I started the grid search and after about an hour he came and we discussed it more. The yard was not very big so I went one way and then changed directions and could not believe I could not find it. He asked if the other half of the ring would be of use. Well, Duh, I should of asked for that in the beginning….Lesson learned number one. He went and got the ring and we put it on the ground and I did a test pass. It was ringing up as a 41-43 on my AT Max….Lesson learned number 2….I assumed since he told me it was silver it would ring in the 70-90 range. I had the AT Max discrimination set pretty high. I reset the detector and started all over with the grid. Within about 15 minutes Blake came back to check on me and while he was standing there I got a hit in the 40’s. Like so many other times I figured it was nothing and started digging in the grass and there it was. Needless to say everyone left happy.  Sorry about the crappy photo.

Lost Wedding Band…Found At Boone, Iowa


A guy named Guy sent me an email last month about his lost wedding band. He was participating in a mud run on ski hills and lost his ring. Lucky for him he had a GoPro camera on that day because he was able to determine on what hill the ring slipped off.

At the top of a hill called Abby’s Alley (coincidently his wife’s name is Abby) he had his ring on, when he got to the bottom and got a glass of water he noticed it was gone. Today he had his children along and we all went about halfway up the hill. He said he thought when he lost it he was sliding down the hill in mud and using his hands to slow himself down.

So I started my search in the middle of the path, my first hit was a penny type signal, my second hit was his ring! I looked down and could see an edge of it in the dirt. Man I like those quick hunts. He couldn’t believe I found it so fast and was very happy to have his ring back.

Best of luck to all the ringfinders,

Norm Slaymaker

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