Lost Wedding Ring... Found at North English, Iowa


I checked my messages on my phone today after work and had a call about a lost wedding ring at a ball field. I got my equipment together when I got home and gave the lady a call.

Her name is Doretta and she thought she lost her white gold wedding ring at her granddaughters softball game the night before. She remembered taking the ring off earlier in the day but was pretty sure she put it back on.

Her husband and her had searched their house and the area where they were sitting during the game and came up empty. They live close enough to the field to walk there and took their own folding chairs so it could be lost along the way.

They showed me the location they were sitting at but she said they had moved three times because people kept blocking the view to the field. I was hoping someone hadn’t eyeballed it and picked it up.

I set up my CTX3030 so gold would make a high tone and had on my six inch coil because I expected it to be trashy. In the first area I had a great shallow hit at 12-13 that was a wad of aluminum foil. In the second area same hit another chunk of aluminum foil.

I moved to the third area. I was starting to run out of real estate. I started working the area and got a loud 12-9 signal and just out of sight in the grass I found it!Doretta's ring 2

What a unique ring it is. She was so relieved to have it back on her finger.


Good luck to all the ringfinders out there.

Norm Slaymaker

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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    That’s a cool looking ring! Good job!

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