Lost Wedding Ring... Found At Ames, Iowa


I received a call last week from Tim who lost his wedding band while tailgating at a college football game the weekend before. He had rented a detector but didn’t find it.

So I met him and his wife today to try and find it. We gridded off an area where they had parked with marker flags and I went to work. Wow what a terrible place to try and find a gold ring. The pop tops and bottle caps just littered the ground.

I knew the ring had to be close to the surface so I didn’t dig any targets and I put on my small coil. I was there two and half hours with nothing to show for it but a pouch of junk.

Tim told me he had been wearing gloves that day but took them off when he was playing a game at a table they brought. So I asked him and his wife to direct me to the area where the table was that day as best as they could remember.

His wife walked over to a spot where she thought the table had been. She then bent over and picked up his ring! It was like magic. I told them I don’t care who finds it as long as it’s found. We were all very happy to have had a successful search.

Good luck to all the ringfinders out there,

Norm Slaymakerwg ringTim and wife

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