Lost Wedding Ring Found... Cedar Falls, Iowa


My neighbor lady approached me last week and said her son-in-law had lost his wedding band while building a privacy fence at her sisters house last weekend.

They rented a detector right away and couldn’t find it. I guess she didn’t think I would drive up that far but I told her that is what I do!

I arrived this morning about 10 a.m. and searched the entire backyard on both sides of the fence first. It was a fairly new house and there wasn’t many targets or much junk. The ring would have screamed out if it was there. She told me they were worried that it was buried in the two foot deep cement they used for footings and I was beginning to wonder if it was.

I told her I would search the side yard and the front yard too. I made one pass in the side yard coming towards the front yard and got a good signal. I looked down and through the grass I could see it. What a great feeling!

Unfortunately the young man wasn’t there for a picture but here is a picture of his ring.DSCF1638

Good luck to all you ringfinders,

Norm Slaymaker

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  1. Luckily it was not in the concrete footings. good find.

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