Ring lost in Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Brandon was playing volleyball in waist deep water, when his ring flew off his finger while hitting the ball. Everyone searched the area by feel and with mask and snorkeling gear, but, it had disappeared.  This ring was his Dad’s wedding ring (a large silver claddagh designed one) and was passed down to Brandon when his Dad passed away. An online search brought up TheRingFinders.com website and my contact info. The tide was still rising a bit when I got the call, so, since they were going to stay at the site for a while anyway, I told them I’d come a bit later when the tide was falling. I arrived just before dark and met everyone at their campsite on the beach. After getting the dimensions of the search area, I got to work gridding the bay bottom from the shore out to about waist deep water. A few pieces of junk came to light along with a coin or two, but, no ring. I decided to finish gridding the area by going the other way, so, I went out to waist deep water, working parallel to the shore, and working my way toward the beach. On my second pass, I got a rocking 31 signal on my Equinox and pulled up a big silver ring. It that point, I didn’t have a detailed description of the ring, and this ring was different than any of the other claddagh rings I  have found in the past, so, I continued on a bit so I wouldn’t lose my spot in my grid pattern. Once I got a bit closer to shore with the sunlight fading, I walked over to the group and announced that I found a big ring and needed a more detailed description of the one lost. Well, it was a spot on match to the one I found! Brandon was supper happy, and everyone else around their campsite and neighboring sites cheered when the word got out. A pleasure meeting you folks, and thank you for the reward.

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