Ring lost at Fiesta Island Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Angie and Steve came to San Diego to enjoy a day at Fiesta Island and the Over-The-Line Tournament going on yesterday. Angie removed her beautiful engagement ring to apply some lotion, set the ring in her lap, and…..well, you can guess the rest. The ring ended up in the soft sand and disappeared from view. They and others around them tried to find the ring, but, to no avail. Some consultation with others, an online search, contact with fellow RingFinder Curtis Cox further north and his referral to me, got the ball rolling. They were still there at the site, so, I gathered my gear and headed out for the normally short 10 mile journey…..and a journey it was. It took an hour to get there, and parking was virtually non-existent. I managed to squeeze between two vehicles parked at the edge of the road (with just a couple of inches on each side to spare) and park down on the beach. A short hike to meet Steve, and an even shorter hike to the search area. This event has been going on here for decades and always draws a huge crowd. The search area was right next to one of the dozens of ball fields, where spectators have been dropping pull tabs, bottle caps, and other metal trash from day one. I expected this to take a while to sift through. Steve and Angie cleared the area of chairs and other items while I fired up the detector and donned my gear. Sure enough, all sorts of signals were hitting my ears with just the slightest movement of the coil. One nice strong 12 on my Equinox alerted me to a shallow target after only a minute or two. I zeroed in on the signal with my pin pointer and pulled Angie’s “precious” out into the sunlight again. Cheers went up all around the area, and a very happy Angie and Steve can now travel home in a much better frame of mind. A pleasure meeting you, thank you for the reward, and best wishes with your upcoming marriage.

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