Ring lost at Coronado Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Adrian called me asking for help finding his wife Rosi’s ring. They are visiting here and were enjoying the warm day at the beach. Soon after setting up camp, Rosi took her ring off to apply lotion, the ring was dropped, and it ended up in the deep dry sand. That should be simple to find just with your fingers, right? Nope, after straining sand through their fingers for over a half hour, they realized they needed help. TheRingFinders.com to the rescue! Adrian was kind enough to reserve me a parking spot at this busy beach. We met in the lot and proceeded to hike down the beach to the search area. The spot was already outlined with an eight foot diameter groove in the sand and I could see where they had been searching. Turned on my detector and less than a minute later, I got the signal I was expecting and found Rosi’s ring just under the surface inside the circle right where their fingers had already raked. A relieved Rosi and Adrian can now continue to enjoy their vacation. A pleasure to meet you two and thank you for the reward.

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