Engagement ring lost in Lincoln park WA, Found!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Heather went for a walk this morning on an paved path through a fall covered forest. Along the way the hill she was climbing leveled out and Heather took a break. After pulling off the gloves on her hands, Heather walked up the rest of the hill. Near the top of said hill, Heather’s heart sank. Because with a quick glance at her left hand, she saw that the engagement ring she had been wearing for a month was gone. So the search began. In the pine needles, at home by the sink and then back on the path where she was walking. After no luck, Heather called her fiancée Jack and told him the bad news. Being the ever persistence problem solver, Jack began searching from his job in California. Jack found the ring finders and Heather called me. It was like it was meant to be, I was on my way up near that park. My wife was able to bring me my metal detector and I was able to start searching soon after the ring was lost. All that needed to happen now was to find the missing ring. But it wasn’t near where Heather took off her gloves, or where she stopped and turned around, or on the other side of the path. So I began to walk and walk we did. About 100 yards from where the gloves came off sat Heather’s ring, on the asphalt path in plain sight. I counted about six people that passed us while we were searching for the lost ring, and all of them either walked over the ring or near it. I told Heather at the beginning of the searching, after the ring comes off the hand, its hard to say where it might end up, and as for Heather’s ring I’m so glad it stayed where it fell.

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  1. Heather Spurling says:

    Luke was my angel today! I have only been engaged for a month and this ring is so special to me. I’m beyond thankful that Luke answered the phone right away, came to meet me within the hour, and persisted in the search even when we had long passed the area where I thought the ring would be. I’ll never be able to repay his generosity and he made a truly awful day so much brighter by being kind (and obviously finding my ring!). Call him right away if you lose something precious – he is the best of the best!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Luke thanks for finding Heather’s ring today- it was amazing you arrived so quickly! Best of luck in the future!!

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