Lost Ear ring Returns home Chatham MA

Rick Browne of the Ring Finders was in J & E Enterprises  when a couple walked in to rent a Metal Detector. Upon further conversation with Lisa & Paul, it was obvious that Lisa was very emotional about losing an ear ring earlier the day before. Lisa had mentioned that the ear rings were 20 years old. Rick offered his services to find it, he also made the call to me… I accepted, but hesitant on going. Ear rings are tough to find, especially on a beach. It was lost while trying to re fly a kite that had crashed, the string caught Lisa’s ear and was thought to be lost forever.

We met up with Paul and Lisa, we walked down to the spot where they both thought it should be. I had Lisa stand where she felt it last. Paul went over to a different spot about 45 feet away and marked an X in the sand… I knew we had our work cut out for us… Rick helped me notch out everything but the ear ring on my detector… we had the other one to go by. After we both methodically did the area about 150 square feet we new where it wasn’t.

I started to think outside of the box, and thought that maybe Lisa somehow carried it in her hoodie and didn’t realize it. I started to search near the exit to the beach, and about 20 feet from the boardwalk I got the signal that I knew was the ear ring. Sure enough in my hand was a 1.75 Carrot Diamond ear ring. I called over to Rick and gave him the thumbs up, he smiled and was surprised I had found it so far from where they thought it to be. He said you did it again, good job buddy. I then gave Paul a signal to come over, and motioned to Lisa… I think they were about to give up. Lisa kept repeating did you find it? she just couldn’t believe it, when I dropped it into her hand. She started to cry a bit, and said I restored her faith in people…Lisa said there really are some good ones left in the world. I told her we are not done yet… I needed to get the back part for her… She said she didn’t care about the back, I said I don’t leave Gold on the beach… She chuckled a bit, and about one minute later, I also found the back… Another great day for The Ring Finders… Thanks to Rick helping set the machine up… and Thanks to Lisa and Paul for not giving up… Persistence payed of in a big way…Congratulations …


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  1. Paul Oliveira says:

    These two guys, Leighton and Rick are miracle workers! Lisa and I searched the beach ourselves and had already given up… finding a single Diamond stud in the sand by ourselves was unlikely. So I suggested a metal detector. We were warmly welcomed at J&E and introduced to Rick. He was willing to give up his Saturday afternoon to help us and even got Leighton to join him. These guys are professionals and had a systematic approach to their search. As Leighton stated, we had given up after 45 minutes of their searching…but they hadn’t!
    Leighton found the earring and my wife couldn’t have been more relieved or happier…yes she did cry! I gifted her the earrings over 20 years ago after she gave birth to our triplets. She wore them almost every day since. They mean allot to her. The generosity, kindness and persistence of these two men is extraordinary. In a world where many people are self absorbed, they restored in us a belief that their are still good people who are willing to help those in need. Thanks guys, we are hoping someday we will pass forward your kindness.

    1. It was absolutely our pleasure to reunite the precious gift back to Lisa. Paying it forward. Thank You

  2. Richard Browne says:

    Now you know first-hand the benefit of notching to a known sample of the object we are searching for. Very true when the target is so small compared to the size of the area it might be in. It is awesome having you as a true comrade.

    1. If you hadn’t helped with settings it would have probably still be laying in the sand Thanks again.

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