Lost Wedding Band Found!

  • from Austin (Texas, United States)

I received a text message this morning from a wonderful lady named Cindy asking about my services to see if I could help to find her husbands lost wedding band. In the afternoon after speaking with her and going over the details I headed out, a quick 30 min drive to the north and I arrived. We went over where the band could be and some more details about the ring, when it was lost, etc… I was very happy to hear that the band itself was actually silver, this made the work all that much easier! They believed that the ring was lost when the trash was being taken out to the front yard or while playing with their dog, so that’s where I began my search. I first started out with my smaller 5 inch coil and swept the entire front yard and then the back area where the trash cans were and wasn’t able to find much other than a few coins and of course the odd bit of trash. After sweeping around the trash area I decided I would swap out to the bigger stock dd 12″, dropped the sensitivity to two as to avoid the deeper items in the ground and in about 10 minutes I found it right on top of the ground directly in the path from the back yard to the front area where they put the trash bins! I was so excited I actually let out a holler, Cindy’s husband was outside with me just a few houses down walking his dog and he heard me yell. At that time we locked eyes I yelled I found it and hoisted the ring to the heavens in excitement!! We both did our own little celebrations and he got to break the good news to his wife. This was my first outing to help since I’ve signed up and it was 10x more exiting and rewarding than I thought it would ever be! Happy couple reunited with their ring! I can not wait to share more of the same joy and excitement with many more people to come!

The happy couple

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  1. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    nice work, Justin

  2. Cindy Merrill says:


    I am super blessed to have come across your name on The Ring Finders! After much contemplation in regards to renting a metal detector… buying a metal detector, I decided to try The Ring Finders and it was the best decision I could have made! Thank you for coming out on such short notice after working all day! You have no idea how happy our hearts were last night! We appreciate your professionalism and prompt attention to our matter. We will definitely reach out to you in the future if we ever come across an issue like this again and will be sure to recommend you as well to other’s!

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