Lost Diamond Earring Houston, Texas (Found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Diamond Earring in Houston, Texas (Found)


I received a phone call today from Linda regarding her lost gold and diamond earring in the front lawn of her residence. Linda said she had lost her earring yesterday while walking across her front lawn to meet a neighbor at curbside. Linda said she had jumped over some short vegetation just prior to entering the grassy area of her front lawn. Linda said she had felt her earring come loose from her ear and then land some where in the grass.

Linda said she spent some time looking in the grass but could not find her missing earring. Linda said a short time later she posted a request on Facebook to borrow a metal detector. Linda said a short time later one of her friends responded to her post and forwarded her my information.

I met Linda at her residence this afternoon and we did a walk through of the events leading to the loss of her earring. Linda had the matched missing earring and I used it to refine my search with the CTX3030.

Linda’s smile tells the rest of the story…


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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030







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3 Replies to “Lost Diamond Earring Houston, Texas (Found) by John Volek”

  1. Matthew Fry says:

    Great job John… Love those smiles!
    Curious, how did that ring in on the 30-30?

    1. John Volek says:

      I am running a custom made combined mode program, not much different then those floating around on the internet, just added my own minor tweaks. The earring came in at a 1203, far left, with a clean smooth sound, completely different than that of foil at 1203.


      TRF Houston

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great job finding that earring! It’s so big it looks like a ring with all those diamonds!

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