Lost Tungsten Wedding Band at Malaekahana Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find came in on Thursday when Margo found me through the ring finders site and texted if I could find  her husband Donovan’s tungsten ring at a beach campsite.  I assured her I could and we agreed to meet early Friday morning when the campsite opens so she could show me the area.  Margo took me to the site and showed me the area around the shrubbery.  She explained Donovan was wiping the sand off his hand onto his pants when his ring flung off into the shallow grass, sand and shrub area.  I turned on the Nox and the first target boomed.  I looked down and there smashed into the sand was a round object and when I picked it up it was a gray tungsten ring.  I showed Margo the ring and to her delight she thanked me for finding it so quickly.  Elapsed time to target 20 seconds.  I actually made it to work an hour earlier then I projected.  Aloha to Donovan & Margo!

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