Lost Rose Gold and Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Waimanalo Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Sunday when I received an email from Zuleyma saying, “We decided to play volleyball in the dry sand yesterday and when I hit the ball up my ring went flying in the air and I didn’t notice until it quite literally left my finger and we tried to search the area but none of us had any luck.  Also ironically I was recording us play while it all happened so if I zoom in I can see my rings flying up in the air high, but cannot quite see where they landed.” I responded,  call me immediately as I wanted to hunt ASAP knowing she posted on Stolen Stuff Hawaii and informed the Lifeguard.  Oh no!  The entire metal detecting community is going to be there.  We decided to meet at my home and take one car to Waimanalo Beach not knowing what parking would be like on such a beautiful Hawaiian Sunday.  When we arrived the place was busy but we had no problem parking.  Zuleyma’s husband Jan helped review the video to determine the search area.  To my surprise the beach was really clean until I got closer to the tree line which was choke full of metal undesirables.  With no luck in the first grid we moved North.  After no luck there I reviewed the video myself and we all agreed we were in the correct location and all the trees in the video lined up.  I moved closer to the tree line as it appeared the ring may have traveled more in that direction.  No luck again.  After an hour this was getting frustrating especially for Zuleyma who was about to call it a lost cause.  Time to break out of the box.  Since we had the North South location confirmed by simply watching the video of the flying rings I told Jan and Zuleyma to give me just a little more time going East and West through the grid and to expand out just a bit further towards the water.  Also as you know sometimes the aspect of the target can hide one direction and pop on the other.  I could see the hopelessness in their faces so I was praying this would work.  As I started toward the water I went much farther past where the ring should be then did a 180 to head back the other way.  Boom!  Super loud unmistakable sound on the Nox.  One scoop and there is the Rose Gold and Diamonds Wedding Band in the scoop.  Wait, what?  I’m completely out of the grid and probably even past where the phone was recording the volleyball game.  Zuleyma couldn’t believe it and came running over with tears in her eyes.  The beach goers were hooting and clapping knowing how long we had been hunting.  We hugged and I said, “Let’s get the Engagement Ring.  Thankfully, only a foot away the next Boom on the Nox and one scoop later.  Mission complete!  Elapsed time 1.5 hours in the hot dry sand.  The only thing we could figure is the ring although appearing in the video of going straight up and down in fact went up and straight towards the camera if not flying over it as we lost track of them in the video on the down fall.  You never know for sure until you find the ring.  Much Aloha to Zuleyma & Jan.

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