#300 Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This #300 ring find began when I got a call from Drew visiting from New Zealand and attending his Brother’s wedding on Oahu.  He decided to spend a day at Waikiki Beach with his wife and baby.  Drew decided to take the baby into the calm waters of the lagoon and somewhere during their water adventure his Platinum Wedding Band went missing.  Thankfully he remained in a relatively small area.  After his wife noticed his wedding ring missing, Drew Googled “Metal Detector Waikiki” and that’s how he reached out to me.  We agreed to meet at the Honolulu Zoo and he would walk me down to the area he figured the ring would be.  Since he had a New Zealand phone number I told him to call me in about 15 minutes and I should be parked nearby.  I’ve been unable to return some calls to foreign numbers so I ask them to keep checking with me until we hook up.  He told me he was wearing a bright orange shirt and I spotted him rather quickly.  We walked down to the beach and Drew drew two lines in the sand for me to use as grid marks.  I started the hunt and it was sterile.  Then on the fourth leg I got a booming #16 on the Nox and it actually took 5 scoops as the ring kept moving away.  As I looked in the scoop I saw the two grooves in the ring Drew had described so I was able to shout over to him, “We got it!”  Drew was obviously relieved to be out of the dog house with his wife and could fly home tomorrow with his wedding ring on his finger.  Aloha to Drew and his family!

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  1. Drew says:

    Joe, what an absolute legend! To the rescue at such short notice, hugely appreciated 🙂


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