Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began on 15 September when I got a text from Jean from Los Angeles, California and was on vacation on Oahu.  It said, “I lost a platinum ring at Lanikai Beach last Saturday 09/10 at 1-2pm while snorkeling in 6ft deep water (tide is low intensity sand hard and water clear but could not find it…maybe it is stuck in a coral hole.  Please let me know what of think)”  This was going to be a scuba hunt as during a high tide it could be 8 feet deep.  Jean sent some excellent pics of the area so on 23 September I commenced a scuba hunt after the jellyfish invasion the few days prior.  Man-O-Wars and Box Jellies are the worst at Lanikai!  The beach access turned out to be the extreme right side of the grid search so I started there.  As I worked my way north I detected the sand and did a thorough visual search of the top of each coral head.  The area was really sterile so not many junk targets to dig.  About 20 minutes into the dive as I was exiting a dense coral area I got a nice #9 on the Nox and in a few fans of the sand a Platinum Ring came into view.  When I got back to my car I texted a pic to Jean who was back in LA.  He asked if I could verify it had a triangle, heart and circle engraved inside the band.  Sure enough it did.  Jean didn’t want to chance losing his ring in the mail and asked if I could hold it until his return trip in December.  Well today Jean & his lovely wife Clemence arrived on island and Jean got his ring back.  Love the Texas hat.  Aloha to Jean & Clemence!

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  1. Jean says:

    Joe was awesome! He is very responsive and updated me at every step of the search. He was very helpful keeping my ring until I was back in Hawaii. I can’t thank him enough finding my precious!

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