Lost White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Hawaiian Princess Hotel Beach Waianae...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began at 5AM this morning when I got a text from Bob who was on vacation from Mayville, Wisconsin.  Bob texted “Lost an Engagement Ring at the Hawaiian Princess in Waianae.  Believe it is lost in the sand in a specific area or path.  I texted, I need a few more details and to call when you are free.  Bob immediately called and was able to text me a photo of the area when the sun came up.  My schedule eased up and I was able to head out during my lunch break.  Bob and his lovely wife Michele met me at the Hotel and escorted me to the beach area.  I started the hunt at the beginning of the path to the area they sat on the beach.  Once there I did a complete grid search with no luck finding the ring.  I could see Michele was starting to get that look of hopelessness when I said we aren’t done yet lets expand out on each side of the sand path as to that point I had only found one Lincoln cent.  I took a few more steps on the East side of the path and got a booming #10 on the Nox.  I took one scoop and there was Michele’s gorgeous ring in the scoop.  I told her, “Got it!”  As she came over to look in the scoop as soon as her ring came into view she burst into tears.  Elapsed hunt time was maybe 10 minutes but it probably seemed like an eternity to her.  Michele said, “You saved our vacation!” Look at those smiles.  Aloha to Michele & Bob!


2 Replies to “Lost White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Hawaiian Princess Hotel Beach Waianae…FOUND!!!”

  1. Michele & Bob says:

    Joe was amazing!!! Very quick to respond, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. So thankful for his expertise and services! We highly recommend Joe! Mahalo!!!

  2. Becky says:

    Michele is my cousin and BFF. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your skills! You really did save their vacation. She called me after you found it and was still in shock that you were able to find it so quickly! Thank you so much for saving the day & easing her anxiety.

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