Lost 24K Gold Wedding Band at Kuhio Beach Pools Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I noticed a missed call on my phone from Conor.  When I returned the called Conor told me he was on his Honeymoon from Portland, Oregon and had just lost his 24k Gold Wedding Band in shallow water at Kuhio Beach in Waikiki.  He said he had about a 10 foot radius to search.  I told Conor I’d grab my gear and be there in about 15 minutes if he could meet me at the Kapahulu Pier.  After arriving on the beach Conor’s lovely wife Yumeng joined us and was the depth marker on the seawall while Conor came in the water with me to show me where he thought the ring would be.  I started a grid search slightly East of Conor’s mark just to be sure.  Thankfully this area is so heavily detected the hunt was silent then suddenly a booming hit on the Nox and on the second scoop there was the 24K Gold ring in the scoop.  2 for 2 today and Yumeng and Conor were so gracious I was able to find his ring.  Aloha to Conor & Yumeng!

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  1. Conor Scoggin says:

    Joe is awesome! I knew the general area where the ring was. He brought the right equipment and we were able to find the ring in less than 10 minutes. Very thankful for Joe’s flexibility and being able to meet on such short notice. Saved me from having to get another ring the next time I was in China.

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