Lost 152 Diamonds & Gold Cartier Ring at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

THE FISH THEORY! So back in May 2019 I was asked to recover this stunning Cartier 18K gold diamond saturated ring at the Aulani / Four Seasons lagoon in greater then chest deep water. Story goes husband and wife go lighted paddle boarding at night. Wife’s ring comes off and husband immediately takes note of their location in the lagoon. When I received the first pic which covered a large area to search on scuba (red box) I asked if he could narrow the search area down a bit which becomes the (green box). After at least 4 unsuccessful searches I communicated to them I couldn’t find the ring. Many thoughts went thru my head. Since the ring has 152 diamonds could a swimmer see it glistening in the morning sunlight and dive down and recover it? Every dive in the lagoon there after I wondered what happened to it. I even thought that the sparkling ring during it’s descent to the bottom and in the light of the paddle board was looking like a tasty morsel for a fish. So yesterday morning I had a scuba hunt for some Oakley sunglasses at Aulani. I’m still learning the Deus II so after my buddy Terry adjusted some excessive noise out of the Deus for me I started the scuba hunt. I canvassed the area the sunglasses were supposed to be and found nothing. It’s more of a visual hunt but I’m going to swing a detector while I’m out there. I decided to see what the Deus would do over the coral rubble fields which is in the deeper waters of the lagoon 15 feet. When suddenly I got a booming #85 on the Deus which is 99% of the time a Zinc Lincoln Cent. I fanned the sand / coral and could not believe what came into view. The sparkler in the photo above. I said a few, “Thank you lords” then grabbed the ring and secured it away. I then went to the surface to see my exact location. It was the white dot in the pic. I can’t really explain the disparity in the lost to recovery locations but the “Fish Theory” certainly seems legit. I’ve reached out to the owners but it’s been 3 years and 4 months since the loss. Praying they call back soon. Love this hobby!
Update. The owners got back to me this AM. Working out details for the return. Originally thought my voicemail (which was on their business line) was a telemarketer. A skill I didn’t know I had! As you can imagine after 3 years and 4 months they are over the moon.
The Stunning Ring finally made it home tonight!  Aloha to Tawnia & Troels


3 Replies to “Lost 152 Diamonds & Gold Cartier Ring at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!”

  1. Tawnia says:

    I thought this ring was gone forever and had made my peace. Years later, it’s on my finger! What???? We are in great gratitude for Joe. I still cannot believe it. The universe provided! Thank you times infinity.

  2. Nancy Phillips says:

    This is a wonderful story and truly a God send!! My daughter, Tawnia and Troels have been sick over the loss of this special ring! Words cannot express our gratitude and your kindness and perseverance! So so happy that this was a great ending and amazing story!

  3. Amy B. says:

    What a terrific testament to your passion for your craft, competitive treasure hunting, honoring your allegiance to returning what is lost, tremendous skills in the ocean, and gaining the most in doing what is right within your system of values. Thank you for making T+T happy! HUGS to you. xo Amy B.

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