Lost White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Nanakuli Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Lexi who lives in Kapolei and hails from Marietta, Georgia. After returning from the water at Nanakuli Beach Park Lexi picked up her towel to dry off and then realized she had placed her White Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring on the towel before she entered the ocean. A thorough visual search of the dry sand area and the ring was hopelessly gone. I told Lexi I’d grab my gear and head that way but Google maps was showing a 30 minute delay due to freeway construction. She assured me she wasn’t going anywhere and that her father was in route to help her watch her baby daughter. I’ve only hunted this beach one other time years ago so Lexi waved me down from the parking lot as I drove by. When we got down to the beach she drew a box in the sand where she thought the ring would be and possibly where her current beach blanket was. I fired up the Nox and as I approached the beach blanket I got a nice #8 under the blanket. Lexi moved the blanket away and since diamonds were involved I grabbed my pinpointer and plunged it into the sand and got an immediate tone. I reached for the tip of the probe and could feel Lexi’s ring at the tip. As the ring broke the surface Lexi shouted, “That’s it! I can’t believe you found it so quick.” Nice easy search! Aloha to Lexi, Daughter and Dad!

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