Lost Gold Cartier Love Ring at Four Seasons Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began 9 July 2018 when I got a call from Jeffrey who was on vacation from Los Angeles and was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. While his daughter was paddle boarding in the lagoon her gold Cartier Love ring slipped off into 8-10 feet of water and disappeared. Jeffrey was able to find me through the concierge desk. Unfortunately my first attempt didn’t locate the ring and then I got a cold and wasn’t able to scuba for several days. Finally on Friday the 27th I was clear enough to go on scuba. This time I lined up the photo Jeffrey sent me of his daughter on the paddle board moments before the ring fell off. I lined up the tallest palm tree with the far right edge of the Four Seasons Hotel and submerged to drop my grid line. I use a bright orange plastic rope 75 feet long weighted on both ends to set my grid line underwater. I sweep the detector down both sides of the line then move the rope in the direction I believe the ring would be. On the first pass I got a nice tone but it turned out to be a Tungsten Wedding Band so I continued on. On the third leg I got another nice tone and sure enough when I fanned the sand Jeffrey’s daughter’s beautiful Gold Love Ring exposed itself. I immediately secured the ring in my catch jar and continued on. I still had 2000 psi of air so can’t let that go to waste. I didn’t find any more rings but the dive was still quite nice in the warm lagoon with all the fish. When I got to my car I texted Jeffrey a pic of the ring and the response I got was, “Wowowowow That’s amazing Thank You X3” Monday morning I mailed the ring back to Los Angeles and as you can see its safely back where it belongs. Aloha to Jeffrey and his lovely daughter.

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