Lost Gold Wedding Band at White Plains Beach Oahu...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Wednesday 12/14 when I got a call from Lifeguard Kelvin at Barber’s Point White Plains Beach. He told me to call Alex from Ewa Beach Hawaii who lost his ring in the water. I called Alex and found out he had spent the day at the beach with his family and as he was getting ready to go home and getting out of the water he reached to feel his ring and it slid off into the water. He was in waist deep water and when he tried to take a look underwater a swell came through and tossed him just enough to lose his footing where he had lost the ring. He quickly went ashore to get some goggles in hopes of finding his Gold Wedding band. That was not to be as the surf buried it out of sight. He told Kelvin the Lifeguard who told him he would get in touch with the ring finder “Joe”. Alex questioned, “Is there really such a person?” Kelvin assured him there was and called me to contact Alex for hunting data. Alex described the area and the next day I took off early from work and headed out to the west side. After arriving at the beach and using the google map Alex & I created I started my search. This was the calmest I’d seen the beach and the lifeguard on duty said he agreed. After a few coins and a 50 caliber round I got a nice low tone and two scoops down pulled up a rather large men’s gold band. As Alex told me only 14K was inscribed inside. This must be it. Since only 5 minutes had gone by I decided to continue my hunt. The next leg I found a small women’s 10K Diamond Engagement ring. The thing is very green so I’m having it cleaned and will post on my FB page. It must have been there a long time. I met up with Alex at Kaiser Permanente where he is a nurse and sure enough it was his ring. Perfect fit! Alex thanked me for being his angel and we wished each other a Merry Christmas. Aloha to Alex.