Lost Samsung Cell Phone in Hawaii Kai Marina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

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This was a first for me. While on a ring hunt at Ko Olina I got a text from my wife Wendy saying that Ed from Hawaii Kai lost his Samsung Cellphone at his homes private dock in the Hawaii Kai marina. I called Ed and said I would be home around 3:30 and we could make arrangements to find his phone. After getting directions I gathered my gear and headed for Ed’s home. When I arrived Ed took me to his private dock and showed me the whereabouts his cellphone fell. He also stated that he tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the phone with a makeshift scoop net and snorkeling with a mask & flashlight. The water was 4-6 feet deep so I put on my scuba gear and grabbed the Excal to see what I could find. The Excal was screaming. There were so many metal targets at the dock area it wouldn’t stop. I surfaced and told Ed this is going to be a hand over hand search. The area was only about 20 by 10 feet but the bottom was sloped and littered with all sorts of bottles some broken, sponge, coral and other nasties. Worst of all was the moment I touched the bottom the silt rose up like a cloud and made visibility practically zero. Our plan was Ed would hold a broom stick down in the water and I would go around it hand over hand canvassing the bottom in hopes of feeling the cellphone. After several attempts I was beginning to think the recovery wasn’t going to happen. I told Ed I would try a few more times but it wasn’t looking good. On the final try I settled on the bottom and started my trek around the broom stick. As I was about to put my hand in the muck the corner of Ed’s cellphone came into view and as I reached for it more silt moved and sure enough there it was. I firmly grabbed the phone and surfaced. Ed was ecstatic. Finally I thought. It wasn’t in the supposed spot because Ed must have moved it quite a bit with his makeshift scoop net. No matter, cellphone retrieved and Joe and Ed both relieved. Sometimes the hunt requires some ingenuity this one certainly was that. Aloha to Ed!

2 Replies to “Lost Samsung Cell Phone in Hawaii Kai Marina…FOUND!!!”

  1. Sylvie says:

    Sounds Mucky!
    Excellent as you said preserverance paid off. Was it waterproof or did he just want the sim card? Stories like this keep us going too!

    1. Joe Au-Franz says:

      He found a process on line that might help recover the phone. Water resistant and it wasn’t over 24 hrs!

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