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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Ko Olina Aulani Disney Resort...FOUND!!!


Brads ring in Canada
Brads ring
This ring find started on Thursday 7 April while I was looking for a lost Wedding Band at the Aulani Disney Resort. I was approached by a man who told me another gentleman lost his Wedding Band a bit further down the beach in the water. Being a fresh drop and with the tide coming in I immediately followed him to Brad from British Columbia, Canada who was frantically looking with a mask & snorkel for his ring. He showed me the general area. In about neck deep water he was swimming when the ring fell off. I searched as far as I could with my Excal on mask & snorkel but didn’t find Brad’s ring. Brad was leaving for Canada the next morning so I told him to leave his contact data with the concierge desk and that I would come back the next morning with scuba to retrieve his ring. I also told him to look up my Metal Detecting Oahu Facebook page and I would post a pic of his ring after it was found to confirm. Friday morning I arrived and entered the area. After about ten minutes and a few coin targets I got a decent tone. With a wave of my hand the sand slipped away and exposed Brad’s ring. He mentioned it was white gold and had two grooves around the ring. This was it. I washed and dried off then went to the concierge desk. There was no information there about Brad. I only had one other hope…maybe Brad would look on my Facebook page. I posted the pic and left a message for Brad to contact me. It worked! That evening Brad sent me a message stating they were in such a rush the next morning he didn’t have time to leave info with the concierge. I was leaving for San Diego so my wife mailed Brad’s ring back to him in Canada. In the pic he sent me you can see the ring with a Smile & a Shaka. Aloha to Brad!

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