Lost Wedding Band at Diamond Head Beach Park.................FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

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I got a call around 2:30 PM from Michael from Dublin, Ireland. He was visiting Hawaii to attend a business conference and decided to walk to one of the local beaches for some rest and relaxation. After settling in at Diamond Head Beach he took his Stainless Steel wedding band off to apply some sunscreen. He set it on his towel and after applying the sunscreen reached for his towel and the ring flipped off into the sand. He went to the spot where the ring looked as if it entered the sand but after several minutes searching he realized it was well hidden. The sand had won again at hide and seek. Michael googled “lost ring Hawaii” and that’s when he gave me a call. I arranged to pick him up at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and go to Diamond Head Beach Park to show me where his ring disappeared. This is the first time I entered the park from Beach St and the area was very secluded. I was sure we would find his ring quickly. Michael took me to the spot and another gentleman was tanning on the spot. He politely moved out of the way and I went to work. The area was as big as one parking stall. First target a quarter. Second target two scoops down was a ring. I asked Michael what did that ring look like again? He said “like woven string.” OK here you go. Got the smile and sigh of relief. No going home trying to explain to the wife how he lost his wedding ring in Hawaii. Aloha to Michael.