Lost Silver Ring at Haleiwa Beach......FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

I was at our Summer family picnic on the North Shore of Oahu and brought my detector for a spin in the shallow water. I found two bling rings and a silver bracelet and was heading back to the picnic for some refreshments when I ran into Katherine and her husband sitting in the shallow water. As I approached I commented jokingly that they didn’t need to move out of my way unless they lost some gold. Katherine said, “Actually I lost my two leaf silver ring a little while ago”. She wasn’t sure when or where exactly it came off but I figured I’d see if the Excalibur could sniff it out. A few yards down the wave curl and I got a screaming silver tone and my scoop had to chase that tone about four times as the waves were crashing and throwing it about. I finally snagged the target and in my scoop was the two leaf ring. I yelled over to Katherine describe that ring again…Is this it? She gave me a huge smile and a warm Thank you. Aloha to Katherine.



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  1. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much again! I didn’t think I would ever see it again!!!!

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