White Gold Wedding Band recovered in Trippe Creek in Easton, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

Success once again! This time my buddy and I found ourselves back in the water looking for this target. I have to be honest, after 20 minutes or so of searching this creek bed I really thought we would be skunked for the first time since joining The Ring Finders. The bottom of the creek was not only muddy, but it was extremely SOFT! So much so that every step we took put us 6-9 inches deep in the clay-like bottom. What was worse, when we went to scoop a potential target, we sunk another 6-12 inches! It was like searching in quicksand. One slightly off scoop attempt could push the ring down into no man’s land making recovery impossible at that point. We decided a few minutes later that we would give it another 20-30 minutes and admit defeat if we were unsuccessful at that point. Luckily, a few more minutes of searching I got a good audible signal and made a very careful scoop attempt and……..well, I’ll let Denise tell you her story!

Up the creek!


My son was kayaking with my nephew in Trippe Creek near our house in Easton, Maryland.  Men will be boys, and they started cutting up and tipped over the kayak. His wedding ring (which should have been sized better) slipped off his finger in 4 or so feet of water.  He could not find it.  He was in serious trouble with his wife and was quite upset with himself.


The next day I searched online to find someone who had equipment for us to buy or rent or perform the search for us.  I found The Ring Finders website and called the person with the address closest to our home and it was Jim.  He agreed to come out on Sunday with his friend.


He asked us to try to narrow the search area as much as possible.  So, when they arrived on Sunday we had lined up my mom who had witnessed the incident and with my son on phone (he had already returned to his home out of state) we outlined a search area. The guys were patient, polite, and friendly. They were thorough in the search, and after almost 45 minutes in the water, Jim found the ring. Even they were amazed to find it, as it was in the muddy floor of the creek in almost 4 feet of water.  I would highly recommend to anyone as Jim says, they have 100% success rate.



Easton, Maryland

Returning the ring to Denise


A happy Denise!


The “thought to be lost forever” band.