Lost Engagement Ring Recovered In Severn Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

Back on April 3rd, I was contacted by Laurie via email informing me that over the weekend she lost her wedding ring while doing yard work. What I remember most about the email was her last sentence……..” I’m absolutely heartbroken”. I got back to her the same day and we made arrangements to come out that weekend. Once again, my detecting buddy Lance was available to tag along.  Were we successful you ask? I’ll let Laurie tell the story in her own words…..

We were outside most of the day Saturday.  My husband was working in the yard all day.  I was outside most of the day as well , simultaneously cleaning up the flowerbeds and the kids’ play area and playing with the kids.  After coming in for the day, we had a quick dinner, gave the kids a bath and put them to bed.  Once the kids were in bed and we had a chance to relax we realized my engagement ring was missing.  We panicked and tried to look for it in the house and outside, even though it was dark.  We barely slept and continued the search on Sunday and for the next couple days.  We sifted through the bags of yard waste, checked drains in the house, took apart our washing machine and used a cheap metal detector that we had in our garage.  We had no luck finding the ring but kept googling for ideas.  We came across Jim’s web page and figured we had nothing to lose.  We e-mailed Jim and he responded right away.  He told us not to throw out our yard waste so that they could check it with their detectors.  We arranged for Jim and his buddy Lance to come out in a few days.  They arrived as scheduled and were very friendly and eager to help find the ring.  They asked some questions about what we were doing and where and then they got to work.  They were very methodical in their search and their equipment was top-notch.  Within and hour of searching, Lance found the ring in a bag of yard waste.  As our daughter said, “Yay, nice men!”  Thanks again Jim and Lance!  ~ Laurie & Jason

I tell you what, the feeling never gets old returning something to someone that has practically given up hope of ever seeing it again.  And this 100% success rate I(we) have going……I’m really getting use to it!

Lance returning the ring to Laurie


Glad we could got this beauty back to Laurie