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Lost Ring Swimming at Brewster Cape Cod Beach

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I saw a post on my local town Facebook group saying that someone had lost a ring. This is the post.
“My husband lost his wedding ring while swimming at Mant’s landing late this afternoon. If anyone happens to find it please let us know. He’s had it for 41 years and is very sad about losing it.”

i reached out to them and told the I could help find the ring. They contacted me back and said they had a pretty good idea where the ring was. I showed up and started swinging and found the ring in about a foot and half of water up by the sea grass. They were very happy to get it back.

Lost ring at Linnell Landing Beach Brewster

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

 I received a call from Kevin about a ring he lost playing frisbee out at Linnell Landing Beach. He said his ring flew off his finger. I meet him in the parking lot and he brought me to the area he lost it. After 10 minutes I was able to locate the ring! The ring was a white gold men’s wedding ring.

Men’s wedding band lost on the flats!

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

Tami Messaged me today to tell me her husband lost his wedding ring at Crosby’s Landing beach. They were in the water between the shore and the sand bar between the beach entrance and exit. It was high tide when the ring was lost. The ring is plain silver band-coated in Rhodium and was very sentimental.
I showed up at the beach and they showed me about where he lost it. The tide was going out and water was about 12” deep with lots of seaweed. He said you can’t see the bottom! I said the machine will see right threw it. After a few minutes  and the first good  signal There it was.

Lost Grandmothers earring on her wedding day!

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)
Allison messaged me about her grandmothers earring she had lost two weekends ago at her wedding. They we married at her house in Harwich right on Plesant Bay. They had been looking for it for the last two weeks, even using there own Detector.   She told me it was some were in the back yard. I search for about an hour then said we did stand over here near this edge for a picture. I searched that area and sure enough along the edge in the thick grass I found it!

Lost ring at Red River beach Harwich!

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

Lost my wedding ring in the ocean after I reached down to wash some of my daughter’s spongebob ice cream off my hands. Literally just got to the water line, put my hands in, rubbed them together, and poof. It was a little past low tide and I was at the shore. When I rubbed my hands together the ring came off. I spent some time looking but could not find it. Jarrod came and found the ring in about an hour and after 20 pull tabs!! Can’t thank you enough!


Lost wedding band on Brewster flats!

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

My son, Cole, and his wife, Amanda, were married on Cape Cod on July 28,2019. While vacationing at the Cape with us this year, Cole lost his wedding band floating with Amanda on the Bay in front of our home. I reached out to the Brewster Facebook page and was immediately referred to Ring Finders and found Jarrod. He came out the next day at low tide and was able to find Cole’s wedding band within an hour of searching. The sentimental value of the ring was priceless and we are extremely grateful to Jarrod. We cannot thank you enough!

Found lost ring at the “Oceans Edge”

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a call saturday from the the front desk of the “Oceans Edge” Resort in Brewster Ma. The concer reported that a woman had lost three rings on the beach! She had lost her engagement, wedding and husbands wedding ring while throwing a ball. I was unable to go at that time because my son was about to graduate from high school. I promised I would be there in the morning. When I arrived I was informed they had found two of the rings but not the wedding ring. She told me the ring was silver and worth only about $40 but worth more for sentimental being her wedding ring. She knew about where she had lost it and I started looking  after my sixth pass I had found it!! She was so happy and I was glad to see her smile.  She said she would write a review for me so I can post it, still waiting on it!



Lost Ring found in Harwichport

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

To whom it may concern,

It was a pleasure working with Jarrod from theringfinders.com. As advertised if you know the general area or location of your lost item Jarrod will find it. I contacted him and right from the bat he was very easy to talk to, friendly, and flexible made the entire process stress free. I had lost my gold family crest ring at my friends house in harwichport. It had fallen off while I was playing football and I was pretty discouraged about finding it after searching for 2 hours. But after finding and talking to Jarrod he quickly made me feel comfortable that he was the best in the business and he wasn’t joking. I was not able to be at the house when Jarrod came and started looking for the ring. With very little description of where the ring was located. Jarrod was able to track the ring down in a massive backyard in 30 minutes. He informed me as soon as he recovered the ring with pictures. If it was not for him I would have lost one of my most precious possessions. I would recommend Jarrod to anyone who has any lost ring or item of any sorts. He is a true master of his craft. It was a pleasure working with jarrod and theringfinders.com. Thank you Jarrod!


Lukas Mead

Found lost iPhone at Eastham beach in the snow!

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

” I was so elated to find Jarrod! I was traveling from the Midwest, and lost my phone in the drift on the beach. We dug for so long, but could not find it.
Jarrod was there the next day when we returned to help us. We are so grateful for his help. He was friendly and very prompt.

Thank you so much!”

Lost your ring in Brewster, Chatham, Harwich, Cape Cod. I can help you find it.

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I can help you find your lost jewelry, Don’t give up the search! I find rings at beaches, parks, lakes & yards.  I can help you find your sentimental & irreplaceable items.

I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever.