Mens wedding ring lost in Bucks Pond Harwich

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I saw a post on Harwich community page about a lost ring. I replied to the post and offered my services. Stacey contacted me and gave me some details about the ring and how they thought it might of been lost. I showed up at the pond the next morning and began my search. I checked the beach and some sand castles with no luck. So I headed to the water and went back and forth in the swimming area. After the 5 pass I recieved the signal I was looking for. The ring 14K white gold rang up as a 16 on the equinox 800. It sent Stacey a text she could not believe I had found it!
Here is the story from her.

A few hours after leaving Bucks Pond in Harwich Jon realized he lost his ring. We were convinced it was a lost thinking he must’ve lost it deep in the water while paddling. His wife Stacey decided to post on Facebook about the lost ring to see if there was a chance someone found it. After contacting Jared and sending a very blurry selfie photo taken by a friend to ID his last known location. Jared had a general vicinity to search, chest deep near the bouys , it must’ve flown off while he was throwing the football with his son. Jared found the ring with a 45min early morning swim. Jon is no longer wearing his ring in the summer! Stacey wanted to keep it a surprise and didn’t tell him the ring was found until later that afternoon the next day. She placed the ring in a clam shell pretended to drop something, kneeled down had him open the shell and proposed. Needless to say he was beyond shocked and thrilled.

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