Lost Ring Swimming at Brewster Cape Cod Beach

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I saw a post on my local town Facebook group saying that someone had lost a ring. This is the post.
“My husband lost his wedding ring while swimming at Mant’s landing late this afternoon. If anyone happens to find it please let us know. He’s had it for 41 years and is very sad about losing it.”

i reached out to them and told the I could help find the ring. They contacted me back and said they had a pretty good idea where the ring was. I showed up and started swinging and found the ring in about a foot and half of water up by the sea grass. They were very happy to get it back.

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  1. Pat Fryzel says:

    We were so happy today when Jarred found my husbands wedding ring! It seemed like it would be futile to even try but in less than 30 minutes Jarred had found the ring even though it was in the water next to the sea grass. He is amazing! Thank you , thank you , thank you!

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