Lost Ring Found Truro Cape Cod Grandmas Heirloom Wedding Band!!

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a message about a lost ring in Truro with a phone number. I texted the number and recieved a text back from Lauren about how she had lost her grandmothers platinum and diamond wedding ring. It had been lost for three days. She gave me the basic area where she had lost it and how she lost it. She was skipping a stone and it flew off as she released the stone into the ocean. When I arrived at the beach it was blowing at least a steady 40 mph and the waves were kicking up. I started on beach in-front of the house. I went back and forth and was picking few quarters and dimes. Then I hit the water and the waves were huge! Got out little over my waste and the waves were crashing over my head. I’d have to jump up to not get knocked over. I even go hit in the head with my shovel! This was by far the hardest recovery I had done! I stayed in the water for around an hour going back and forth. I pretty much got my A$$ kicked and had to get out. I said to my self I know this ring is here! So I concentrated right where the waves were ending on the beach on my second pass I heard a faint single which rang up as a 4-5 on the equinox 800. I took one scoop out and it was not in the hole. So I dump the contents of the scoop on to the beach and kick it out with my foot and BINGO there it was!! I was very relived to finally find it. I text Lauren “guess what!” She could not believe I had found it! She called me on the phone and she was very happy! She said I was her “Ring Angel”
Here is a Testimonial from Lauren.

I am truly forever indebted to Jarrod. I am named after my grandmother who sadly passed away before I was born. Wearing her engagement ring kept her close. When the ring fell into the ocean, after much searching and sadness, I said goodbye to this precious family heirloom. When we were led to Jarrod I scoffed at the possibility of him finding the ring days after it fell off in the water. Much to my surprise and delight, Jarrod found my ring. He was easy to communicate with and obviously quite persistent.
So grateful – Lauren

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