Lost Ring at Navarre Beach - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I opened up Facebook two nights ago and saw that Pensacola Ring Finders had been mentioned in a comment. Ellyce told Amanda that if there was any hope, I could find her ring. I thought to myself as I turned in for the night that if Amanda reached out to me, I really hoped that I could live up to Ellyce’s trust in me. Sure enough the next morning I saw I had a text from Amanda and I quickly gave her a call. She told me that their family was staying in Navarre and that her niece Kaylee had lost her engagement ring in the surf while posing for a picture and they were pretty distraught. I told her that I could come out after work in the afternoon and I would be glad to help. When I got there I also got to meet Felix, Kaylee’s other half and you could tell that he was really concerned about losing Kaylee’s ring. The two of them walked me down to the water and told me where they thought the ring was lost and where they thought it might be. I started canvassing the area above the top shelf of sand with no luck and then switched to the deeper area below the shelf. I tried east and west and north and south and even expanded the search area a bit but I got nothing. Everyone had focused on two blue chairs on the beach and when two people who had helped the day before came up and confirmed the same location I thought, “ okay, it’s got to be down there I just can’t hear it”. I decided to use a trick I have learned over the years and I got down where the sand was being curled back into the shelf by the waves. I turned my machine onto a different pinpoint mode and cranked up the sensitivity. I got right in front of the chairs and heard a very faint grunt that was so deep I couldn’t hear it any other way. I started taking out sand with my scoop and after several tries I looked down and there sat Kaylee’s beautiful engagement ring 💍. That one surprised even me a little bit. 😃. I went up and showed Kaylee and as she started to cry and celebrate with her family I looked up the beach and saw Felix coming back from a trip to the room. I saw it dawn on his face that I had found it judging by all the happy smiles and he took off on a dead sprint and picked me up and jumped up and down with me in the air in celebration. This was a great reminder of why I do this and I want to thank everyone for having the trust to recommend me every time they do. I know that Kaylee and Felix are very thankful as well!  Congrats y’all.


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  1. Kaylee says:

    DAVE IS A HERO! This was my ring he was able to find after the ocean tried to steal it. I am still in shock and awe at the small miracle he performed on the beach. There are no words for what a wonderful person he truly is. Not many people are willing to use their talents for such a good thing but I’m so grateful he does. We are a few months away from having our first baby and having the ring my husband gave me on my hand, where it belongs, brings me indescribable happiness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are a blessing to all of those you help.

  2. Gunter Hartmann says:

    These guys are legit! Highly recommend.

    When I heard Ring Finders was coming, I was skeptical. I figured this is a Hail Mary, why not. After a bit, Dave came up with the ring! It was a scene out of a movie. All the nearby families cheered, Kaylee cried tears of joy and Felix hugged Dave. Turned out like a Hollywood ending!

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